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Tree nursery

We’ve been growing garden plants in the open ground and in containers for more than 20 years with passion, skill and pleasure. Our plants are distributed throughout Europe all year round via professional sales channels.

The result of our many years of experience in cultivating hedge plants, conifers, ornamental shrubs and topiaries is a high-quality, unique range that will delight your customers. In addition to our excellent standard products, we’re also constantly on the lookout for new varieties suitable for our cultivation methods and our customers' needs. Professionals in the green sector and business clients are more than welcome to visit our nursery to view our current range.



Thanks to significant investments in automation, mechanisation and personnel, we’re able to cultivate large uniform batches in combination with traditional topiaries. Our speciality is growing and selling our own plants; buy from us, and cut out the middlemen.

Pleasurable work

We’re constantly innovating and mechanising as a result of our drive to work more effectively and reduce heavy manual work. It all helps make our work more enjoyable. Thanks to close cooperation with our suppliers, we have access to exciting new varieties, with which we’re continually expanding our range.

Something for everyone

We rely on state-of-the-art technology, crop rotation and eco-friendly fertilisers to ensure ecological balance and a sustainable green future. Respect for people and nature comes naturally to us. It’s an essential precondition for continuing to cultivate the very best garden plants in the long run.

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Mechanisation and 
efficient logistics

We’ve implemented a high degree of mechanisation and efficient logistics, so we can quickly deal with large quantities. Information about our products plays a crucial role in this process, for both you and your customers. We gladly share our thoughts on easy ways to keep information about our plant sizes and photos in your systems up-to-date, and to streamline your calls and shipments.