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About EuroTree

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Eurotree was founded in 2001, born from a partnership between Wilbert Christiaens and Eef van Os. Our company in Melderslo is conveniently located from a logistics point of view; close to the border with Germany and the Trade Port in Venlo, and easily accessible from the A73 motorway.

Ever since the company was founded, we’ve been growing many of our plants in the open ground. Back then, we were one of the largest boxwood growers in Europe. We gradually began specialising in other varieties, and today we grow a wide range of conifers, hardy shrubs and perennial shrubs in the open ground. Most of our hedge plants and larger solitary plants therefore began life in the field. As the range has been extended, we’ve added container cultivation of ornamental shrubs, grasses and various conifer species. Our vision on container cultivation is similar to that of open-ground cultivation; we do everything possible to provide a consistent range of high-quality, uniform plants that allow our customers to distinguish themselves, with the added benefit of year-round availability and convenience. As a result, we currently supply a comprehensive range of products to a wide group of customers, including garden centres, landscapers, wholesalers and commercial nurseries.


EuroTree key figures

90 hectares of open fields, 5 hectares of container fields, and 5 hectares of greenhouses

> 30 permanent employees

> 400 species of plants

> 20 years of experience


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Open ground

Our open-ground plants are planted at fixed distances. Depending on the variety, they are then transplanted every 2-4 years or the roots are pruned to keep root balls compact. Most of the outdoor cultivation work, such as pruning and digging up plants, is carried out mechanically. This helps reduce the workload and create uniform plants.  Our unique outdoor range includes Pinus species, Ilex, Prunus, Taxus and Thuja topiary, as well as hardy hedge plants.


Container cultivation

Plants grown in containers are finished in pot sizes starting at 10 litres. This type of cultivation is carried out in our container fields or in the greenhouse, depending on the type of plant and season. Thanks to our highly-automated modern potting lines, we’re able to pot and move large numbers of plants rapidly. In addition to a wide range of shrubs, dwarf conifers, standard conifers and ornamental grasses, our instant hedges are also grown in the pot. As a result, they’re exceptionally compact, light, and easy to handle.

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